Getting around by car, car parks and parking

It is not always easy to drive in Paris or find a parking spot; in fact it can be quite a headache.


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Just a few reminders: in France you drive on the right; safety belts are compulsory in both the front and back seats; it is prohibited to sound your horn; and remember to come equipped with your international Green Card insurance. For motorbikes and scooters, the wearing of helmets is compulsory for both drivers and passengers. In the city, it is against the law to use the bus lanes.

Speed limits: urban areas: 50 km/h (30mph); ring roads: 70 km/h (43 mph); main roads: 90 km/h (56mph); motorways: 130 km/h (80mph) and 110 km/h (68mph) in wet weather. There are a few service stations within Paris and you will inevitably find some on the way in to the city.

Parking in the city

Parking in Paris is rarely easy and can often be quite a headache. To park your car, you have the choice between parking on the street or in an underground car park, between the cheaper peripheral “arrondissements” or the city centre. It is strictly prohibited to double park, to park in no-stopping zones (“axes rouges”), and in spaces reserved for the disabled or for deliveries.

In the street

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If you decide to park in the street, please note that as a general rule it is payable from Monday to Saturday, 9am to 8pm. Night time and Sundays are free. On public holidays you can sometimes park free of charge in certain streets: this is indicated by a yellow sticker placed on the parking meter.

Tariffs are divided into 2 zones, ranging from an hourly rate of €4 in the centre of Paris, to €2,40 per hour on the outskirts. You pay for parking at parking meters using the Paris Carte (on sale at any tobacconist’s), a credit card or the PaybyPhone app. The machine will give you a ticket in exchange, which should be placed behind your windscreen, clearly visible from the outside. Street parking is limited to a 2-hour duration.

Parking campers or motor-homes in Paris should be avoided, so as not to block traffic. Instead you should head for the designated parking spaces at camp sites. In Paris, it is prohibited to sleep in your motor-home.

Underground car parks

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Underground car parks, of which there are many in Paris, are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for cars. Some car parks are open for motorbikes too. They can be identified by a white “P” on a blue background, and can usually be found in busy shopping, tourist or business areas. Security is provided by guards and cameras.
Tariffs vary depending on the neighbourhood: in the city centre and busy tourist areas, you need to allow around €2.50 for 1 hour, €5 for 2 hours and €20 or more for 12 to 24 hours. On the outskirts of Paris; prices are generally lower and you might pay on average from €10 to €15 for 24 hours. Underground car parks can also offer special tariffs for the weekend or by the week or month.

On the way in to the car park, you press a button to obtain a ticket and open the barrier. You can make your way out via the pedestrian exit. On your return, insert your card into one of the machines in order to pay before collecting your vehicle. Once you have paid, the machine will return your ticket to you, and all you have to do is insert it at the exit to open the barrier.


Saemes - entrée du parking

Saemes manages more than 90 car parks and is the second largest parking operator in the Ile-de-France region. In Paris you can choose between 20 public car parks that offer hourly parking close to top sights : Notre Dame car park, under the cathedral square; The Quai Branly-Eiffel Tower car park, under the museum... See the complete list of SAEMES car parks.

You can also take advantage of a number of services: you can have your vehicle cleaned, pay with a Total GR card, access a break-down kit and even book your parking space in advance!

You can find your car parks


OPnGO - Parking, Paris

OPnGO provides you with more than 300 000 available parking spots to park your car whenever you need:

•  You have a business meeting in the heart of Paris?

•  You are looking for a monthly subscription in a carpark located near your house or your work office?

•  You travel a lot and you need to park your car close to the train station or the airport?

OPnGO makes it easy for you to park in Île-de-France:

Off-street parking :

•  You don’t need ticket anymore! We offer you a digitalized access to our carparks thanks to our license plate recognition technology.

•  Book your parking in advance so you don’t need to worry anymore about finding a spot. 

•  Save up to 50% on public prices

On-street parking :

•  Park your car on street et pay directly through the OPnGO app in more than 20 cities in Îlede-France. You don’t need to go to the parking meter anymore.

•  If you want to park longer, you can easily extend your session from the app

•  With OPnGO, you only pay what you use, so if you come back to your car earlier than what you expected, just press stop and you will pay only for the exact time you stayed.

Visit our website to discover our offers or download our app (available on Apple Store & Google Play)

You can also check our blog to know more about our latest activities and get some good tips about parking.


Parclick - Femme dans un parking, Paris © MKF is a unique platform that allows you to park in Paris easily and with total security.

Don't waste your time going round and round in circles looking for somewhere to park; thanks to Parclick, you can ensure yourself a place to park with aclick, for the exact amount of time you need.
Parclick makes it so easy! On our website, you can compare the prices of all our affiliate car parks, which form a network of more than 100 car parks in Paris and more that 1000 in Europe. Once you have confirmed your reservation, we ensure the availability of a space, discountedprices, as well as free cancellation/modification of your booking (until the day before your arrival).
Save yourself some time and money when you're going to see concerts, plays, museums or heading off on your holidays!

Parclick - ParkingdeParis 2017, Paris © Lakov KALININ is the only independent website exclusively dedicated to online car park reservations in Paris.

The endless search for a parking space in Paris stops here; with, book and park  cheaply and easily, however long you plan to stay.

We guarantee:

  • The availability of a parking spot for the duration of your reservation
  • Negotiated prices
  • Free cancelation and modification of the booking until the night before your arrival

Check out the biggest car park network in Paris, comprised of more than 130 of our partners.

You will find us near hotels, stations, airports, theatres, aquariums, stadiums... Wherever you go, book your spot with!


OnePark publicite

Onepark allows you to book a spot in more than 130 strategically located parking lots in Paris: Eiffel Tower, Montparnasse, Grands Magasins, Montmartre, Parc de la Villette

Having partnered with numerous parking lots, from public garages to hotels’ and corporations’ private parking lots, Onepark negotiates prices in advance and always offers you highlyattractive prices to park your car.

Whether you are looking to park for an hour, several days or a few weeks, be sure to find the cheapest way to park in Paris simply by entering your parking dates on Onepark’s website.

No booking fees, free cancellation, secure online payment, guaranteed spot availability… Onepark makes parking a child’s play.


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Reserve your parking spot online?  With Q-Park-resa, it’s simple and easy!  With just a few clicks, you can reserve your parking place in France and Belgium.  By reserving online, you can quickly access parking and be guaranteed a place to park.

Situated in the heart of the city, close to train stations or airports, tourist and cultural attractions, Q-Park car parks are always ideally situated for parking your car.

You can reserve your parking place up to a year in advance and you can make sure you receive the best parking offer by reserving on the secure online platform Q-Park-resa.

Travel Car

TravelCar - Parking 2, Paris © TRAVELCAR

TravelCar is a reservation and parking solutions platform. It enables you to compare, different options for secure parking, according to your parking dates, and to reserve the most convenient for you at the best price, so you can park your car when you are not using it. In the city centre, you will find spaces in several arrondissements, near the Eiffel Tower, Bastille, or Montmartre if you are staying for several days (or permanently), near the main train stations if you have to catch a connection or are spending a long weekend elsewhere in the region or are meeting friends, and at the airports at Orly, Roissy, and Beauvais for extended travel.

TravelCar also offers its own car sharing programme for travellers, with free parking as the incentive. If the owner agrees to share their car with other travellers when they are not using it, TravelCar is a trusted third party that deals with everything, and MAIF insures the vehicle against any risks.

You can also use our platform to rent a private vehicle with the  services of a professional, for short, medium, or long periods. Once reserved, you will be sent everything you need to know to access the car park, either using a code or by an automated system that scans your number plate. To pick up a hire car, we will confirm your details on the spot: proof of identity, driving licence, bank card, and we will give you the keys to enable you to take an inventory of the vehicle before you leave.

See all our airport, train station, city centre, and nationwide car parks, as well as car parks in some 50 countries around the world, on our website ( or on our mobile app, so you can prepare for your next trip.

With us, car sharing begins in the car park!


ZenPark - Parking, Paris

Zenpark is:

  • The possibility to park your car in a vacant space of private parking (hotels, residences…).
  • Solutions that adapt to all your needs—booking by the hour, by the day, by the week, five days a week, only on weekends or by the month!
  • The guarantee of finding a parking space at the best price—up to 70% cheaper than on-street parking.
  • A 100% digital journey—reserve and open your car park with the mobile application.
  • A customer service, that always pampers you.
  • Many other advantages—reservation of your parking space up to 3 months in advance, extending your reservation in a few clicks, or even canceling your parking subscription with ease.

Visit our website or download our application—available on iOS and Android—and book, for example, your parking in the 20th district, or near Gare du Nord, Orly Airport, or a touristic place of your choice.

Don’t hesitate to check Zenpark’s news, not only on our website, but also on the social networks (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram), or the blog—it might be that, from time to time, surprises await you!


BePark - Parking Paris

With its connected parking network, BePark offers you the possibility to park your car easily and safely without having to waste your time looking for a space.

You can park directly near your destination or in one of our car parks next to a train station, metro station or airport in order to reach the city centre more easily and without traffic jams.

 Using BePark means:

  • Saving time
  • Attractive price and free cancellation
  • Safety and tranquility
  • Your online car park accessible in 2 clicks


  • Reserve a place on the BePark website (
  • Open the parking lot door with your phone.
  • Park your vehicle
  • Enjoy Paris!

Parking with BePark is extremely simple, you are guaranteed to have a space available for you when you arrive at the car park.

A 24/7 helpdesk number is displayed at the entrance in case you need help. With a strong presence in France, Belgium and Luxembourg, BePark helps you find parking spaces whether you are an individual or an enterprise!


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