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The Sorbonne University Science and Culture Festival

from 25 November 2021 to 28 November 2021

Paris - 75 Paris

Affiche des Festives de Sorbonne Université Paris


'Les Festives de Sorbonne Université' (The Sorbonne University Science and Culture Festival) organized by the prestigious Sorbonne University takes place from 25 to 28 November 2021 at 7 sites in Paris: Les Cordeliers, La Sorbonne - faculté des Lettres, the campus Pierre et Marie Curie, the Muséum national d’histoire naturelle, the faculty of  Medecine, the Hospital Pitié-Salpêtrière and the Musée de l’Homme.

Its aim: to share achievements in research through a guiding theme "Let’s imagine the future!" and three topics: nature, the human being of tomorrow, and the trio Art, culture, and heritage. The programme of this four-day festival includes meetings, artistic performances, exhibitions, walking tours on specific themes, games … more than 90 events to discover for this first edition.

- Les Cordeliers - 15 rue de l'École de Médecine, Paris 6e
- Sorbonne, Faculté des Lettres - 17 rue de la Sorbonne, Paris 5e
- Campus Pierre et Marie Curie - 4 place Jussieu,Paris 5e
- Muséum national d’histoire naturelle - 36 rue Geoffroy-Saint-Hilaire, Paris 5e
- Faculté de Médecine - 105 boulevard de l’Hôpital, Paris 13e
- Hôpital Pitié-Salpêtrière - 83 boulevard de l’Hôpital, Paris 13e
- Musée de l’Homme - 17 place du Trocadéro, Paris 16e


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Tout Paris

The capital is the setting each year for the organisation of major cultural, sport and festive events... So Parisians, French and tourists meet on the quays of Paris for Paris Plages, Nuit Blanche, the Paris Marathon, the Roland Garros Grand Slam tournament, the Tour de France , the fireworks of July 14th at the Trocadero, the LGBT Pride March, the Techno Parade ... A varied program throughout the year!

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