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Décembre 2019 - Janvier 2020

129 rue de Grenelle - 75007 Paris

Tour Eiffel - Invalides - 7e Arrondissement

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Du 2 décembre 2018 au 6 janvier 2019, on fête Noël aux Invalides ! Chevaux, fanfares, voitures-canons paradent pour la Sainte-Barbe, la fête des artilleurs le week-end du 8 et 9 décembre. Pour une expérience unique, Assassin's Creed, jeu immersif dans le musée de l'armée permet de percer le secret de Napoléon 1er jusqu'au 6 janvier 2019. Les férus d'art seront ravis d'assister à l'animation 1 heure 1 oeuvre où des conservateurs du musée détaillent 6 chefs-d'oeuvre tous les jeudis de 12h à 13h. Enfin, pour satisfaire les petits et les grands, des visites costumées "Bas les masques", de nombreux concerts de Noël, des visites guidées ludiques du Dôme ainsi que son illumination, des sessions de films d'animations et de concerts-contes sont organisés pour la période des fêtes. Un programme festif à partager en famille ou entre amis !

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Musée de l'Armée - Invalides

The Musée de l'Armée, created in 1905, is located in the prestigious setting of the Hôtel National des Invalides. It was created in 1905 just after the World Fair and is the result of the merger of the Musée d'Artillerie, opened in 1796, and the old Musée de l'Armée created 100 years later. It extends over 8,000 m² and is made up of a museum and two churches with some 500,000 objects. This makes it the largest museum of military history in France, and one of the leading ones in the world. The permanent collections are presented chronologically in 'historical' collections representing time periods, from Antiquity to the end of the Second World War, and rounded off with objects belonging to a certain theme (emblems, paintings, military decorations...). These thematic collections are either presented in the historical exhibitions, or grouped together in specific areas. The Dome Church (designed by Jules Hardouin-Mansart), with its 107-metres-high lantern and huge fresco painted by Charles de La Fosse, had its dome given a new coat of gold leaf in 1989 for the bicentenary of the French Revolution (requiring 12 kg of gold). It was the fifth time it has been restored since it was created. The church is a real military pantheon, with monumental tombs containing Vauban's heart, the remains of Turenne and the heart of La Tour d'Auvergne; the Dome is also home to the tombs of the Emperor Napoleon I, his brothers Joseph and Jérome Bonaparte, his son, the King of Rome, generals Bertrand and Duroc and marshalls Foch and Lyautey.

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Musée de l'Armée - Invalides

129 rue de Grenelle
75007 Paris
Tel.. +33 (0) 1 44 42 38 77

  • Subway - La Tour-Maubourg
  • RER - Invalides
  • Bus - 28, 63, 69, 80, 82, 83, 87, 92, 93

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  • Loan of wheelchairs
  • Free admission for disabled visitors on presentation of proof
  • Free admission for the accompanying person

Accessibility information

Electric and manual wheelchairs, guide and service dogs and walking sticks permit access to all areas open to the public except the Dome Church, which is inaccessible to visitors in wheelchairs. Disabled toilets available.

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