Musée Cernuschi - Musée des Arts de l'Asie de la Ville de Paris | Exhibition

Treasures of Kyoto: three centuries of Rinpa creation Member

from 26 October 2018 to 27 January 2019

7 avenue Vélasquez - 75008 Paris

Porte Maillot - Monceau - 8e Arrondissement

Trésors de Kyoto : trois siècles de création Rinpa, National Treasure, Wind and Thunder God © Tawaraya Sōtatsu, Kennin-ji, Kyoto / Musée Cernuschi


The Japanese Rinpa school, the celebrated 17th-century art movement, brought together a small community of artisans under the eye of famous calligrapher Hon'ami Kōetsu. His mission? To bring beauty into everyday life. The Musée Cernuschi is paying tribute to him by exhibiting several of his rarely-seen masterpieces, such as Wind God and Thunder God ('Fûjin Raijin-zu byôbu'), designated a Japanese National Treasure, which is being shown in Europe for the first time!


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Musée Cernuschi - Musée des Arts de l'Asie de la Ville de Paris

Henri Cernushi (1821-1896) bequeathed his private collections of Asian art and his mansion, located at the entrance of Parc Monceau, to the City of Paris.
The museum exhibits a remarkable collection of ancient Chinese art (pottery, jade items, ivories, bronzes, statuettes), and a beautiful collection of contemporary paintings. It often organizes exhibitions on art from the Far-East.
Library (by appointment), readings, literary meetings, calligraphy and oriental painting demonstrations.

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Musée Cernuschi - Musée des Arts de l'Asie de la Ville de Paris

7 avenue Vélasquez
75008 Paris
Tel.. +33 (0) 1 53 96 21 50

  • Subway - Villiers
  • Bus - 30, 84, 94

Accessibility information

The museum is completely accessible to people with physical disabilities.
- Visitors with sight impairments: touch tours with a talk.
- Visitors with hearing impairments: tours with a talk for lip reading on the collections and the exhibitions.
- Visitors with mental disabilities: guided tours of the collections and exhibitions

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