Parc zoologique de Thoiry | Celebration

Easter egg hunt in the gardens of the Château de Thoiry

from 01 April 2019 to 02 April 2019

Château et parc zoologique de Thoiry - 78770 Thoiry

78 - Yvelines


At Thoiry, Easter is celebrated with a classic Easter egg hunt. Designed by the Count and Countess of La Panouse 38 years ago for their own children, the tradition continues to the delight of visitors to the Park and Château de Thoiry. Have no fear, the egg hunts do not take place among the park's wild animals (which can be visited by car or coach) but in the gardens of the Château de Thoiry.

In total, 12,000 chocolate eggs are waiting to be found at the Chateau de Thoiry, including 20 'surprise'  eggs containing an annual pass for Thoiry. An area with hiding places for eggs is especially adapted for younger children.

On this festive occasion, no one is forgotten! The primates also get a treat with syrup glazed eggs and fruit specially adapted for them.


All public, Children

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Parc zoologique de Thoiry

The Thoiry Safari Park gives you the chance to see 800 animals roaming free across 8 km of land. The safari park can only be visited in your own vehicle. In the lion tunnel, visitors can walk amongst the lions in a glass tunnel. Part of the tour can be done on foot in the zoological and botanical gardens where you can see the first Komodo dragons to be living in France. The 'Île Mystérieuse' (Mysterious Island) has an adventure trail with bridges suspended amidst vast amounts of foliage, burrows with sound games, a wooden climbing frame and slides.
Also to see, the gardens. Listed as a 'Remarkable garden' by the French Ministry of Culture, they have been fashioned by famous landscape gardeners for centuries, marking the styles of their respective eras. The gardens occupy 95 hectares of the site and have been laid out in former woodland of beech, oak, hornbeam, and chestnut trees.
Round off your day with a visit to the Château de Thoiry which was originally designed as a solar calendar with garden walkways as the hands. Built according to the golden ratio, its well-planned architectural design is in perfect harmony with nature and the solar cycles.The main hall, built around 4 Pythagorean triangles, has the same proportions as the royal burial chamber in the Great Pyramid of Giza. It is the pivot of a solar calendar for which the horizon is the dial and the views are the hands. During the winter and summer solstices, it marks the path of the sun, which rises or sets in its windows as if emerging from the heart of the Chateau.

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Parc zoologique de Thoiry

Château et parc zoologique de Thoiry
78770 Thoiry
Tel.. +33 (0) 1 34 87 40 67

  • By car from Paris: Take the A13 motorway from Porte d'Auteuil. At the A13/A12 junction, take the A12 and then the N12 towards Dreux. Take the exit for Thoiry, take the D76 and then the D11 towards Thoiry. By coach: There is an excursion that takes place every Sunday, leaving Paris at 9.15am. The fee includes transport there and back, tickets for the zoo and the castle and a guided coach tour through the safari park. Prices: Adults: €69 - Children: €52. For more information or to make a booking, call PARISCityVISION on +33 (0)1 44 55 60 00 or visit the website,

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