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Silhouette Festival

August - September 2023

Paris et Île-de-France - 75 Paris


Every year since 2002, for a week at the end of summer, the Silhouette association puts on a free festival dedicated to short films, in the 19th district in Paris. The concept is always the same, to challenge, surprise, tease, frighten or otherwise provoke a response form the audience, with films that are out-of-the-ordinary. Either in their theme, their image and sound treatment, the world they explore or the ideas they put forward. Every year, the festival begins with a concert night which presents emerging musical talents, taking festival goers off the beaten track with styles from all over the world. In all, over a hundred short films are presented before 20,000 spectators, making this one of the largest short film festivals in France. The prizes awarded allow the filmmakers to enjoy a greater visibility.


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