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The Lost and Found Service of the Police Prefecture is open Monday to Wednesday, 8.30am to 5pm, Thursday 8.30am to noon and Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm.

It is now possible to declare the loss of the lost object (in Paris and in the Hauts-de-Seine - 92 - the Seine-Saint-Denis - 93 -and the Val-de-Marne - 94 - departments) on the site. Simplified declaration in 3 steps: registration with detailed description of the lost object, receipt of an email notification as soon as an object is matched and finally choice of a home delivery or a pick-up at the lost property service.

Declaration terminals are available at the Lost and Found Service if people have no connection to Internet.

Whenever possible, withdraw cash from ATMs protected by a door restricting access to one person. Keep the numbers of your traveller's checks and credit cards separate from them. Hotels and tourist residences can provide you with a safe, in the room or at the reception, think about it! What to do in case of aggression ? Whether you are the victim of an assault or a break-in, show up day and night at any police station; this will collect the elements of your complaint.- In the case of an assault, a telephone notice is sent to the operational coordination office of the borough so that all the staff present in this area immediately have the report of the suspect (s). An investigative work by exploiting the testimonies and reconciling with similar facts is in parallel.- If it is a theft, you are taken to the SARIJ (Reception, Research and Judicial Investigation Service) of the borough: the official who receives you immediately makes observations on the spot. Author identification using the automated fingerprint file is made possible in the event of papillary traces. The operational coordination office disseminates information within the operational units of the service. The troops present orient their patrols and patrols on the perimeter of the facts, while the following day, those in charge of the investigations carry out a neighborhood investigation in the time slot corresponding to the burglary.In all cases, you will be kept informed of the outcome of your complaint by telephone, mail or through the neighborhood police.

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Objets trouvés

36 rue des Morillons
75732 Paris cedex 15
Tel.. 34 30 (0€06/min+prix d'un appel)

  • Subway - Convention
  • Bus - 89, 95

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