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China Telecom CTExcelbiz

NC - 75 Paris


CTExcelbiz delivers tailored mobile product and services to tourists in Europe. Built upon the unrivalled network capability, intensive knowledge and excellent service, CTExcelbiz will not only offer the standard mobile services in abroad but also supply with the value-added voice and mobile services, aiming to satisfy students, tourists and business customers' requirements on daily communication, information search, entertainment and the connection with China. Our advantages: cheap roaming in 31 countries European ; 24/7 free customer service hotline in Chinese, French and English; wide coverage of 3G+/4G network; attractive national and international tariff; secure, reliable and premium communication.
€ 0.03 / Min / Mb in 31 countries (EU + Norway + Iceland + Liechtenstein), you can benefit from low-cost mobile service during your trip without worrying about the mobile bill.

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China Telecom CTExcelbiz

75 Paris
Tel.. +33 (0) 6 87 60 25 31

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