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France miniature

25 route du Mesnil - 78990 Élancourt

78 - Yvelines


France Miniature gives you the chance to discover the different regions of France. Like a giant, you can stride around the Eiffel Tower, Vaux le Vicomte, St Tropez, Mont St Michel, the amphitheatre at Arles, the basilica of Lourdes, and many more. And the journey doesn't end there! During your visit, take the time to see the Palais de la Miniature (the miniature palace) where miniature characters live. To round off your visit, there is a play area for children. Your child can have a go on a six track toboggan, visit the panoramic tower and many other activities, all whilst taking in the scenery.

Services and facilities of the establishment

  • Educational activities
  • Gift shop
  • Car park/Parking
  • Restaurant

Educational activities

Educational activities are organized for school and leisure centre groups.


France Miniature has 2 places to eat. The snack bar 'La Gourmandine' offers fast food (open from April to November). The restaurant 'Les Provinces' serves regional dishes and products (open during the Paris region's school holidays and every weekend).

Entrance fees and modalities

Independent tour

€15 - €40 according to visit type

Methods of payment

  • CB/Visa
  • Eurocard/Mastercard
  • Amex
  • Chèque Vacances

Opening times

Open April to November. The park is usually open from 10am to 6pm.

Exceptional opening

  • Easter
  • Easter Monday
  • Ascension Day
  • 1 May
  • 8 May
  • Whitsuntide
  • Whit Monday
  • 14 July
  • 15 August
  • 1 November

Voir la carte

France miniature

25 route du Mesnil
78990 Élancourt
Tel.. +33 (0) 1 30 16 16 30

  • SNCF - La Verrière
  • Bus - 411
  • By car: from Paris, A13 motorway towards Rouen, then A12 towards Saint Quentin en Yvelines, then N12 towards Dreux. Follow signs for 'Elancourt - France Miniature'.

Offer adapted to disabled visitors

  • Hearing Hearing
  • Mental Mental
  • Physical Physical

Access facilities

  • Adapted activities and visits
  • Loan of wheelchairs

Accessibility information

- For specialized institutes looking after people with reduced mobility and in need of someone to accompany them, entry is free for the accompanying person
- Most of the park accessible to people with reduced mobility, only Alps section inaccessible (non-adapted incline)
- Accessible welcome desk recognizable by logo on main entrance window
- Place Bellecour model not secure (no railing)
- Attractions require wheelchairs to be moved into ride seats (independently or aided by someone else)
- Many places to sit down throughout the park
- Site exit behind shop, through revolving door
- Ticket booth desk 129 cm high
- 3 wheelchairs (2 adult, 1 child) available if required
- Pathways mostly even and flat, some places steep and narrow (76 cm wide)
- Shop displays are at different heights (maximum 163 cm and 190 cm)
- Lowered section at till desk (179 cm high, 15 cm gap underneath)
- Access to ‘Ronde des Zotos’ by ramp
- Picnic area: wheelchair can sit at head of table only (71 cm space underneath, 24.5 cm deep, 76 cm wide)
- Certain information cards quite low (33 cm) but tilted
- Free parking for visitors with disabilities
- Sweets and drinks dispensers accessible by wheelchair
- La Gourmandine restaurant difficult to access:
¤ slope
¤ steps alternating 0.5 cm and 3 cm and very steep
¤ 7cm step to access terrace
¤ square tables (69 cm space underneath, 60cm between table legs)
¤ door to access inner room 78.5 cm wide
¤ square bistro-style tables inside
¤ ordering terminal 115 cm from the floor
¤ outside ordering counter 63.5 cm and 107 cm high
- Les Provinces restaurant:
¤ rectangular tables inside (66.5 cm space underneath, total height 76.5 cm, 95 cm wide)
¤ round tables outside with central star-shaped foot (71 cm space underneath, total height 72cm, 47 cm deep, 58 cm space between legs)
¤ upstairs room not accessible by lift

Disabled toilets:
- Main entrance toilets:
¤ 1 gender neutral accessible toilet
¤ door 93 cm wide
¤ diagonal grab rail
¤ 35 cm from the toilet
¤ transfer of weight to the left
¤ toilet seat 48 cm high
¤ toilet 47 cm long
¤ space under sink 71 cm, total height 80 cm
¤ U-bend depth 34 cm
¤ bar on inside of door to help close from inside
¤ urinals in men’s toilets extend to floor
- Picnic area women’s toilets:
¤ entrance door 80 cm wide
¤ stall doors 87 cm wide
¤ mirror positioned slightly high (139 cm)
¤ 32 cm horizontal grab rail, 40 cm from toilet
¤ toilet seat 53.5 cm high, measures 43 cm
¤ transfer of weight to the left
¤ hand dryer 139 cm from floor
¤ space under sink 60cm, total height 80 cm
¤ U-bed depth 29 cm
- Picnic area men’s toilets:
¤ 81 cm height difference before entrance (11% difference)
¤ doors 80 cm wide
¤ transfer of weight to the right
¤ hand towel 150 cm from floor
¤ mirror 139 cm from floor
¤ space under sink 65.5 cm, total height 80 cm
¤ 30 cm deep
¤ automatic hand dryer 145 cm from floor
¤ 32 cm horizontal grab rail, 40 cm from toilet
¤ 150 cm maneuvering space outside stall
- La Gourmandine restaurant toilets:
¤ no accessible toilets
- Les Provinces restaurant toilets:
¤ no accessible toilets
- Ronde des Zotos toilets:
¤ 1 accessible toilet in women’s toilets
¤ door 90 cm wide (2 casement doors)
¤ stall doors 85 cm wide
¤ 29 cm diagonal grab rail, 48 cm from toilet
¤ transfer of weight to the right
¤ hand towel 148 cm from floor
¤ space under sink 68 cm, total height 86 cm
¤ U-bend depth 15 cm

More details on accessibility

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