Jeu et détente

Maachi Djelani

40 rue Coquillière - 75001 Paris

Louvre - 1er Arrondissement

Coiffeur Maachi Djelani, Paris


If you're looking for a hair cut, a blow-dry, a brand new style or just a trim at 4am in the morning, then you can get one ... but only on the night of a full moon. Maachi Djelani opens the salon all night on the full moon because according to popular belief, hair grows back better then. The salon is really popular and you have to be patient or book in advance. On other days, this salon, situated in the historical centre of Paris, is open from 10am to 8pm.

Methods of payment

  • CB/Visa
  • Eurocard/Mastercard

Opening times


Late opening

Open until 4am the night of the full moon.

Voir la carte

Maachi Djelani

40 rue Coquillière
75001 Paris
Tel.. +33 (0) 1 42 33 57 47

  • Subway - Châtelet, Les Halles
  • Bus - 29, 67, 74, 85

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