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Ciné-Balade offers tours in Paris to discover how Paris has always been a center in the history of the cinema.
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Ciné-Balade Montmartre
From Saint‐Vincent Street to the movie theater Studio 28, passing by the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, you will discover one of the most filmed districts of Paris where each director drew on the story of the hill and its artists. Amelie from Montmartre will be our common thread with other famous french or americans movies as An American in Paris, A Monster in Paris, Woody Allen’s films.

Lumiere Tour
In this tour, you will discover the mythical figures of the early stage of cinema in France : Méliès, Gaumont, Linder, the Lumière brothers and... the city of Light.
What made Paris the birthplace of cinema ? Inventors, directors, actors, businessmen all gathered their forces, creativity and money to create the magic of cinema.
The magic is still alive and today directors keep on paying tribute to this long history.

Midnight in Paris Tour
Welcome in the Paris of the 20s, Woody Allen's and the Lost Generation's.
Just like Gil in the movie, you will be travelling time and mythical writers and artists who found in those times a new home in Paris.
In the Latin quarter, one of the most frequently shot in Paris, find back the locations and breath the magic and the whim of the New York director.

20th arrondissement Tour
Jourdain, Belleville, Ménilmontant: Parisian villages in the cinematic spotlight...
Birthplace of cinema thanks to the former Gaumont studios, the north-east of the capital has always inspired 7e art. From large classic works, black films in mind, to today's cinema, tinged with fantasy by Michel Gondry or realism by Laurent Cantet, the various places visited are witnesses to the influence of French cinema and the creativity of its producers.

The Paris of François Truffaut
"La vie et le parcours cinéphilique de François Truffaut sont attachés aux 9ème et 18ème arrondissements de Paris. Son enfance autour de la place de Clichy lui inspire Les 400 coups…"
(The life and cinematic journey of François Truffaut are attached to the 9th and 18th arrondissements of Paris. His childhood around Place de Clichy inspires Les 400 coups ...)

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