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Founded in 1993, Bleu Comme Une Orange is open to everyone for touristic, cultural, and educational activities through unique walking tours, focusing on history, boosting the senses, and participation of actors to promote a lively and rich culture.
The company provides expertise in culture and tourism.
Guided visits:
Paris's courtyards and gardens
‘Sensitive’ Paris
Paris is not limited to just its architecture: the city offers new encounters, desire, exchanges, and surprises. On lively streets that are full of character, we invite you to discover a city rich in heritage, life, and culture through the different Parisian districts.
It’s the perfect opportunity for visitors to immerse themselves in the past and present of Paris, its lesser-known heritage, transformation, and evolution. Our walking tours will teach you all about each district’s way of life, in a fun and accessible way.
We offer original visits in the city through a cultural approach. This unique tour of the city explores the daily life and savoir-faire of Parisians. Discover all about famous and unknown figures that create the history of the districts.
Walking tours are for anyone who is curious: Parisians and French people, tourists and institutions (schools and leisure centres, associations, work councils, etc.)
It is a chance to see, touch, sense, and listen to the city and savour the amazing flavours.
Discover Paris in a different way, a lively and creative city!
Participation of real artists and actors on request.
Blue Comme Une Orange devises tourist, culture, and educational activities in a creative and original way. They also undertake training in the area of accessibility.
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Bleu comme une orange

75 Paris
Tel.. +33 (0) 1 42 28 17 15

  • Subway - Brochant
  • SNCF - Pont-Cardinet

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Accessibility information

Bleu Comme Une Orange regularly organizes visits for disabled visitors. Our discovery walking tours are designed to be accessible for disabled visitors.
The company offers customized visits for specific groups.

Type of visit: Guided tours

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