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Porte Maillot - Monceau - 17e Arrondissement


Visites-Spectacles offers guided tours led by professional artists who excite visitors of all ages. During these tours, Paris's streets, squares and monuments become a natural setting. Tours last beween 1hr30 and 2hrs, and tell stories with amazing characters that will make you dance, sing and rediscover Paris's most iconic places.
Visites-Spectacles teaches visitors about the city and its heritage by exploring the subject in an unusual way. You may think you know Paris's sights, but they have plenty more surprises to reveal! These tours are designed as shows in a 'life-size' setting, with gorgeous costumes and incredible characters portrayed by professional actors whose enthusiasm and energy are always applauded by visitors.
Visites-Spectacles throws you into a theatrical visit filled with amazing characters. More than just a guided tour and more than just a theatre show - it's both at once! These tours let you discover Paris's distrcits and monuments through historical anecdotes and stories performed by actors.
List of show tours
• The Eternal Spirit of Montmartre
• The Puzzle of Covered Passages
• The Crime of the Latin Quarter
• The Magic of the Marais

There are also investigation tours with cases to solve in teams of around 6, which are led by an actor - a unique concept to experience with family or friends! Aided by a an actor-guide and armed with a road book, participants must uncover the criminal by solving riddles hidden throughout the tour.
List of investigation tours:
• Investigation at the Palais Royal
• Investigation at Père Lachaise
• The Marvellous Legend of the Tuileries

Finally, with Visite-Spectacle's commentary tours you can discover the splendor of the Opéra Garnier and the gardens of the Palace of Versailles through tours with commentary. Passionate, inspiring actors send you around these wonderful locations while recounting all of the mysteries hidden there. Perfect for kids and grownups alike!
List of commentary tours:
• Love at the Opera
• The Golden Age of the Versailles Gardens
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  • French
  • English

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  • With a tour leader

Type of visit

  • Walks, districts
  • Themed itineraries

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  • Exclusive visit

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  • On foot

Visiting times: Monday to Sunday for private bookings. For public visits, please see the programme of events online. Saturdays at 2.30pm Sundays at 11am

Methods of payment

  • CB/Visa
  • Eurocard/Mastercard

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Visites Spectacles

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Type of visit: Guided tours

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