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meet my spots invites you to discover Paris with a professional photographer to take unique and outstanding photos. With your camera, you will take pictures from secret viewpoints and benefit from the know-how of an expert.

Grouped Tours
The tours last from 3 to 4 hours with a maximum of 6 people in order to facilitate the exchange with the photographer.

Bridges of Paris: Workshop along the Seine to immortalize the bridges between the Invalides and the île de la cité. On the way, you will be able to capture the architectural treasures of the heart of Paris.

Passageways and side streets: Discover Paris face hidden and the overflowing animation of the city's passages. A great experience for architecture, street photography and texture lovers. Through the play of light, you can play on the contrasts and colours between shops and unusual cafés.

Urban Graphism in la Défense: In the heart of the business district, you will discover hidden viewpoints to reinforce the lines of a futuristic architecture unique in Paris. By working on the textures of metal and glass, you will develop your eye for a demanding art in a rarely visited area.

Private Tours
The tours last 4 hours and offer a better proximity with the photographer who will be with your listening to adapt the tour to your desires of technique and visit. You will also be able to rent equipment.

Heart of Paris at sunrise or sunset: The ideal setting to photograph the banks of the Seine at night, at blue or golden hour. You may play with colours, light and water effects.

End of day at la Défense: La Defense district reveals all its beauty at dusk when the facades light up and give way to the parade of businessmen and women leaving their offices. It's another facet of La Defense that unveils itself and offers a setting worthy of science fiction films.

Infrared photography initiation around the Eiffel Tower: Choose a radically different experience and discover what the non-visible has to offer. Improbable Colours and renderings for another vision of the Capital. For those who like to take pictures off the beaten track.
Clients Leisure groups, Target individuals

Languages spoken

  • English
  • French

Type of visit

  • Walks, districts
  • Themed itineraries
  • Tailor-made

Detail of thematic tours

Découvrir Paris avec un photographe professionnel

Theme of visit

  • Architecture, town planning
  • Exclusive visit

Mode of transport

  • On foot

Visiting times: According to tours. Some begin before the sunrise And of other one finish after the nightfall. - Grouped tours at 9am and 2pm on saturday - Open all year.

Examples of prices: 3 to 4 hours tour : from €89/ pers for a grouped tour - 4 hours tour : from €149/ pers for a private tour

Methods of payment

  • CB/Visa
  • Eurocard/Mastercard
  • Amex
  • JCB card

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75 Paris

Type of visit: Guided tours

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