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NC - 75 Paris


Widetrip, the site for walks and meetings with the locals for all visitors eager to discover an open and engaging Paris. Meet the new faces of Parisians, as well as structures, associations and individuals who are committed to their city and want to share their passions, expertise and interests with you. Architecture, poetry, social economy, urban legends, stories, ... Book a trip online and plunge into the Parisian way of life!
Guides/lecturers or locals lead the walks in French, with some also available in English and Spanish.

Type of visit

  • Walks, districts

Theme of visit

  • Architecture, town planning
  • Treasure hunt, urban orienteering, escape game

Mode of transport

  • On foot

Methods of payment

  • CB/Visa

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75 Paris
Tel.. +33 (0) 6 32 06 34 47

Sustainable development approach

Examples of walks on offer: discover how to make organic chocolate, visit a eco-friendly youth hostel, cultural team-based treasure hunt, walk/meetings with Bellevillois artisans...

Type of visit: Guided tours

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