A walk in the alternative and ecological 14th arrondissement

Innovative projects, green initiatives...to improve the way of life and consumption of residents and visitors.

Plan de la balade du 14e alternatif et écologique, Paris

In the 14th arrondissement, come reinvent the world, recycle and upcycle, protect the planet, and care for others.

To fully enjoy all the beautiful addresses of this tour, we recommend that you do it on a Saturday.

1 / Vanves Flea Market

Paris Puces de Vanves, Paris

Our walk starts with an early morning coffee in the vicinity of the Vanves flea market. Sit in the first bistro that tempts you and let yourself be immersed in the activity around you. You will undoubtedly meet hunters preparing for their treasure hunt.

Smaller, less known but just as interesting as the Saint-Ouen flea market, these open-air and good-natured Vanves flea market guarantee great deals every weekend for brave early risers (try to get there at 7am)!

Some 400 or so professional merchants can be found selling antique furniture, decorative objects, vinyls, jewellery, and old advertising posters at this flea market created at the turn of the 20th century. To find the rare pearl - and there are some - you will have to search, turn around, discuss. The happiness of the hunter must be earned!

Good to know: do not forget to bring cash, as the sellers of the Vanves flea market rarely accept credit cards.

Vanves flea market, open Saturday and Sunday from 7am to 2pm, avenue Georges Lafenestre - Paris 14th

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2 / Ethical and social responsible shops on the rue prevost paradol

Petite fille vélo casque vert  © Jean Baptiste Gurliat / Mairie de Paris

When you return from the Vanves flea market, before a well-deserved lunch break, take a walk along Prévost Paradol Street. A small street that in its pedestrian part multiplies creative, alternative and ecological initiatives.

You may be interested in the SoliCycles boutique, a bicycle repair workshop where you can even buy the second-hand bicycle of your dreams.

Do you have an artist's soul? Then take a look at La Réserve des Arts boutique, which offers its members all kinds of materials to nourish their artistic practice, ranging from fabric and leather to hardware and small materials. A word to the wise: curiosity is key when you walk through the door!

Rue Prévost Paradol, between avenue Marc Sangnier and rue du Général Humbert, Paris 14th

Time for a break

You've been hunting all morning! It's still early but you are definitely hungry? Discover a delicious restaurant in the Porte de Vanves district.

La Panaméenne

Created by the Food2Rue culinary and social incubator, La Panaméenne is a solidarity food market created thanks to the vote of Parisians as part of the Participative Budget of the City of Paris. It is also a delicious canteen that offers small homemade dishes - to be eaten on site or in the next square. The products are seasonal and localy sourced. The dishes are often vegetarian, gourmet, and will take your tastebuds on an adventure for a modest price.

La Panaméenne - 104 rue Didot / 1 place Alice Guy, Paris 14th

3 / MPAA Broussais

When you leave the table, you may be on time to attend a live show at the MPAA Broussais, located in the former boiler room of the Broussais hospital (take a look at the impressive chimney!). A MPAA is a "House of Amateur Artistic Practices" and wide variety of programming, including concert, dance, family improvisation, and theatre awaits you. Consult the program and don't hesitate to have a peek!

MPAA Broussais - 100, rue Didot, Paris 14th

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4 / Little Belt / Planted Walkway

Petite ceinture

“La Petite Ceinture”, or The Little Belt, is a loop of greenery that winds around Paris. Once an old railway track, it has been free of rail traffic since 1993 and is now a space where nature flourishes and is preserved. There are even protected animal species here, such as the Common Pipistrelle. You can even find one of the largest wintering colonies of these cute bats in a tunnel on the rue Didot, with over 500 members!

Did you know?: The transformation work at Broussais Hospital was even interrupted for six months during its renovation period.

As part of the Participative Budget, Parisians vote to transform this part of the Little belt into an urban walk that is now open to the public.

And above the tunnel, a pretty planted walk awaits you, between rue Didot and rue Raymond-Losserand.

Little Belt and Planted Wakway - place Alice-Guy, Paris 14th

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5 / Fabrique Bohème

Espace nomade, La Fabrique Bohème, Paris

Why not make a creative stopover by participating in a DIY (Do It Yourself) workshop at the Fabrique Bohème? Lettering, drawing, watchmaking, sewing... there is something for all ages, all tastes and especially for everyone. If you are looking for inspiration or a small gift to take home, Fabrique Bohème exhibits and sells the creations of "tomorrow's talents".

La Fabrique Bohème - 94 rue de l’Ouest, Paris 14th

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Time for break

Do you want a break, a coffee, a moment to enjoy? We have two addresses to suggest, in the neighborhood.

  • Bistrotters

You are rather tempted by a very gourmet bistronomic lunch... but locavore? Book a table at the Bistrotters quickly. We bet you’ll enjoy products from Paris, biodynamic wines and seasonal cuisine.

Bistrotters - 9 rue Decrès, Paris 14th

 More info on Bistrotters

  • Le Moulin à Café

Want to take the time for an ethical and ecological break? The « Moulin à Café » (coffee grinder, in French) should satisfy you. Created in 2006 by the inhabitants of the district, you’re facing one of the very first community cafés in Paris. People go there to enjoy the passing of time, chat, attend a conference or concert... and a delicious coffee, of course! The Moulin à Café is also into a Zero Waste approach, that implies recycling, reuse and an organic and local catering...

Le Moulin à Café - 8 rue Sainte-Léonie, Paris 14th

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6 / Entre Pots

Boutique © Entre Pots

How about a gourmet and ethical shopping experience? Tempted? Head to Janneke's shop, in the middle of all her pots. This cheerful and bright grocery store is called "Entre Pots". The name is a pun that plays with two possible meanings, the first of which is “between jars” and the second of which is “warehouse”. It’s logical given that  this store only offers bulk products from sustainable agriculture. By “bulk”, we mean items without containers or packaging. So bring your jars, containers and bottles!
Entre Pots also offers workshops to learn how to make ethical and healthy cleaning products and cosmetics. Bonus: you can bring your children.

Entre Pots - 2 place Moro Giafferi, Paris 14th

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7 / L'Oasis

We bet you'll enjoy taking a moment in L'Oasis. Slated to open soon on the site of the former Liberation Museum, l’Oasis is located above the Montparnasse train station, which has has moved to Place Denfert Rochereau - we tell you everything in our Knowledge Walk. This alternative space welcomes you for a coffee, a delicious meal or a meaningful leisure activity. What’s an alternative space, you ask? A place of sharing, encounters, innovation and entrepreneurship. It is a place where people, cultures and expertise coexist. Peek through the door, take a deep breath, and we bet you'll be charmed!

Ce projet lauréat de la 2ème édition de « Réinventer Paris », initiative qui met en avant les projets urbains innovants, va transformer les anciens bâtiments du Musée Jean Moulin en un tiers-lieu culturel. Mais un tiers-lieu qu’est-ce que c’est ? C’est un lieu créateur de lien social qui, en mixant des populations et cultures différentes, les pousse à interagir entre elles.

Un endroit à découvrir absolument, de par sa fonction, mais aussi de par son emplacement : au-dessus de la gare Montparnasse, dans les anciens bâtiments du Musée du Général Leclerc de Hauteclocque et de la Libération de Paris qui déménage place Denfert-Rochereau (on vous raconte tout dans notre Balade des Savoirs).

L’Oasis - 23 allée de la deuxième Division Blindée, Paris 15th

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8 /Learn about ceramics from a 14th arrondissement craftsman

Wecandoo - Atelier artisan céramique1, Paris © Edouard Eyglunent

Do you want to learn how to craft and manufacture? Would you like to go home with a beautiful object formed by your own hands? So, here is the opportunity to satisfy this creative call while penetrating the backstage of Paris, through the workshops of its craftsmen who open their doors to you.

Our friends from Wecandoo offer many workshops and small creative lessons with Parisian craftsmen. The opportunity to push open doors that are usually closed and to savour a little of the spirit of Paris.

You can:

- make a porcelain photophore with Vesna Garic, a ceramic craftswoman based on rue du Couëdic. In her workshop, jewellery, crockery and ceramic objects are entirely handmade.

- or visit Un Jour d'Atelier, 14 rue Bardinet

Discover many workshops offered by Parisian craftsmen on Wecandoo

9 / Les Grands Voisins

Les Grands Voisins, which literally means “Great Neighbors”, is a creative and festive cival service project. Situated on the remains of the former Saint-Vincent de Paul hospital,  which await conversion. Since 2015, Parisians have reappropriated the places to create the experiences of solidarity, craftsmanship, proposed by none other than "neighbors" (“voisins”, in French). Renovation has already started on the remains, but be sure to take advantage of the poetic, alternative and ecological spirit of the Grands Voisins before they leave for good in 2020:

- Workshops to create, a space to walk around

You can participate in a workshop to create a flower wreath, make a chair or a piece of pottery... or simply stroll from one space to another, from the solidarity resource centre to the craftsmen's shops.

- Aperitif break at La Lingerie

And when the desire to close this walk will take you, take your steps to La Lingerie, for a serene, joyful and supportive aperitif. Stop and smell the roses. Parisians also like to take the time to live in the moment and to meet each other. Les Grands Voisins is the ideal place for that.

-  Un jeu de piste solidaire pour repartir à l’aventure

Since 2015, PariSolidari-Thé has been offering solidarity trail games for all audiences to (re)discover a district in a different way, and to promote positive initiatives in the district.

These paths encourage interaction between participants and committed actors in a Paris of solidarity, social and sustainable development. Adaptable and customizable, the courses are a fun way to learn to live Paris and its hidden heritage through human values such as solidarity and sharing.

Les Grands Voisins - 74 avenue Denfert-Rochereau, Paris 14th

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Solar Hotel, Jardin et vélos, © Solar Hotel

To fully enjoy this experience of an alternative, ecological and sustainable 14th arrondissement, why not just pack your bags? In an... ecological hotel of course!

Our three favorites have been awarded the Clé Verte label, a guarantee of sustainable, ecologically virtuous and socially responsible accommodation:

- The Solar Hôtel, as its name probably indicates, is an ecological hotel that defends eco-responsibility. With its water collectors, solar panels, a locavore approach, and organic cleaning products, it is also situated in the heart of the Daguerre district! The perfect place to radiate in the borough. The Solar Hotel is classed as a"European Ecolabel.” It is also a signatory of the "OTCP Sustainable hosting" charter.

Solar Hôtel, 22 rue Boulard, Paris 14th

 More info on Solar Hôtel

- Hôtel de la Tour offers simple comfort, and under the heights of the Montparnasse tower, the charm of boulevard Edgar Quinet is a plus!

Hôtel de la Tour, 19 boulevard Edgard Quinet, Paris 14th

 More info on Hôtel de la Tour

- Looking for a luxurious but environmentally friendly option? Leave your luggage at the Paris Marriott Rive Gauche Hotel & Conference Center. This large, comfortable hotel, located opposite the aerial metro on Boulevard Saint-Jacques, is also a signatory of the “Sustainable accommodation" charter of the Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Paris Marriott Rive Gauche Hotel & Conference Center, 17 boulevard Saint-Jacques, Paris 14th

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