From Bastille to Père Lachaise

Place de la République, cemetery of Père-Lachaise, place de la Bastille, encounters with a popular Paris

Mix accordion, a musette waltz and the oompahpah-pahs of the Firemen’s Ball with the “Je t’aime de 14 juillet”. Take a tightrope walker in midair from under the cupola of the Cirque d’Hiver. Throw in a sandwich and liqueurs from a pre-war cafe on rue de la Main-d’Or, some shiny souvenirs of oldtime trades – boiler makers, scrap-metal merchants, and matchstick sellers – and that’s just the first third.
Next, take a parade of demonstrators marching and chanting from the column at the Bastille to the statue with its Phrygian bonnet at République. Incorporate several revolutions, powder and canons.
Finally, the last third: add a pinch of spice from Brazil, lemon, cane sugar, Cap Vert, salsa and tapas, one after the other. Sprinkle with showrooms and fashionable spots, soup stores, Wi-Fi, fruit juice, and make-up. Season with plush sofas, silver dance floors, moleskin wall seats and the soft lighting of inner-rooms and glean some glam rock, jungle, disco remix, high-spirited DJs, and alternative labels. Do not shake – the cocktail mixes itself!

More info : An unusual stroll through the Père-Lachaise cemetery