Hair spas

A hairdressing appointment is good. But have you ever experienced a hair spa, the ultimate hair treatment?

Salon coiffure bien-être, Paris © Thinkstock

Already widespread in Japan, hair spas (also known as head spas) are set to conquer Paris.Beauty salons and institutes that offer this great treatment for the hair and scalp havethought of everything – like in a classic spa – to provide a completely relaxing experience.An attentive welcome, tasteful decor, sometimes with individual booths, subdued lightingand light music: far from the sometimes manic atmosphere of hair salons. As well ashaircuts, these salons offer massages (shoulders, neck, scalp, shiatsu facial, etc.), pretreatmentconsultations, steam baths, poultices and treatments using high qualityproducts which are often organic. Indulge yourself!

Superstars Hairsalon

Jeu et détente
15 rue d’Argenteuil, Paris, 75001

Superstars is the perfect example of the 'hair spa', a Japanese hair salon concept. Clients don't just come here for a haircut,......