Cultural outings in Paris over the Christmas period

The festive season is the opportunity to discover numerous top shows, exhibitions, circuses, celebrations …

The end of year celebrations in 2022 are marked by the programming of numerous cultural events: exhibitions, shows, circuses... Not forgetting the Christmas animations in certain castles, the illuminations and the Christmas shop windows. Below is a selection of some of the events to enjoy in Paris at the end of 2022.

Exhibitions in Paris

Time for a cultural visit? Here’s our selection from the art exhibitions on in Paris this Christmas. Contemplate the dreamlike and dramatic paintings of Swiss-born British artist Henry Fuseli at the Musée Jacquemart-André, admire Belle Époque artist André Devambez’s unusual illustrations at the Petit Palais, and discover the works of impressionist Claude Monet and abstract expressionist Joan Mitchell from a new perspective at the Vuitton Foundation. 

Cézanne, Kandinsky and Tintin at the Atelier des Lumières

triple exhibition awaits visitors to the Atelier des Lumières this holiday season 2022 in Paris! The double exhibition Paul Cézanne (long programme) and Vassily Kandinsky (short programme) is completed by the experience Tintin, the immersive adventure. Unique digital creations full of poetry to discover alone, with friends, as a couple or with the family!

Cézanne, the Lights of Provence (followed by Kandinsky, the Odyssey of Abstraction) - Until 20 January 2023

Tintin, the immersive adventure - Until 22 January 2023

Maya Ruiz-Picasso, daughter of Pablo

Affiche de l'expostion Maya Ruiz-Picasso, fille de Pablo au musée national Picasso-Paris

Discover how Picasso’s daughter was a source of  inspiration for her famous father. This exhibition includes a series of portraits of Maya as a child, painted by Picasso, as well as sculptures, photographs and archive material.

Until 31 Décember 2022

  • 5 rue de Thorigny - Paris 3rd
  • Metro : Saint-Paul

Henry Fuseli, between dream and fantasy

La peinture représente la reine Catherine, allongée, la main étendue vers le haut, vers une allégorie flottante dans l'air, dans un décor entre ombre et lumière, fond sombre et doré

An aesthetic devoted to the realm of dreams and the fantastic. A taste for the imaginary and mythological or Shakespearean themes. Seen as a precursor of surrealism, Henry Fuseli developed a pictorial language blending the marvellous and the fantastic, the sublime and the grotesque.

Until 23 January 2023

André Devambez. Dizziness of the imagination

Le Dirigeablobus ou Nouveau moyen de transport parisien imaginaire est une illustration d'Andre Devambez datant de 1909 montrant omnibus volant jaune bondé au dessus du quartier de l'Opéra à Paris

André Devambez produced paintings, engravings and illustrations of Belle Époque Paris. Discover 250 of the artist’s works featuring his imaginative bird’s-eye views and innovative framing, often tinged with a humorous touch, at the Petit Palais.

Until 31 Décember 2022

Monet - Mitchell. Dialogue and retrospective

Nymphéas, oeuvre de Claude Monet

The Louis Vuitton Foundation pays tribute to impressionist Claude Monet and American artist Joan Mitchell, leading light of the abstract expressionist movement. The exhibition is presented as a dialogue between Monet’s and Mitchell’s work, and forms a bridge between modern and contemporary art.

Until 27 February 2023

Frida Kahlo, beyond appearances

Exposition Frida Kahlo Galliera © Palais Galliera

The exhibition invites visitors to explore how globally renowned, iconic Mexican artist Frida Kahlo constructed her identity through the way she presented and represented herself. It features garments, jewellery, correspondence, photographs and personal items.

Until 5 March 2023


Exposition Kimono, Paris

An exhibition spanning 1000 years in the history of the traditional Japanese garment, showing how it has influenced modern fashion.

Until 28 May 2023

Art Déco France - North America

L'affiche de l'exposition propose le titre de l'exposition Art déco France – Amérique du Nord en lettres dorées sur fond bleu

An exploration of the mutual emulation between France and North America around the Art Deco style, and the influence of the French movement in numerous domains the other side of the Atlantic.

Until 6 March 2023

Sam Szafran – Obsessions of a painter

Affiche de l'exposition Sam Szafran, musée de l'Orangerie Paris

This self-taught artist developed a figurative and poetic-iconic approach to reality, drawing creative inspiration from his inner strength.

Until 16 January 2023

Gold Yves saint Laurent

Whether in materials, accessories or jewellery, gold has been a signature element in the work of famous couturier Yves Saint Laurent. This exhibition takes visitors on a glittering journey, presenting gold through some forty haute couture and ready-to-wear dresses. 

Until 14 May 2023

Shows in Paris

Marvel at the colourful and heart-warming musicalThe Lion King at the Théâtre Mogador, relive nineteenth-century Paris in the immersive theatrical productionAu Bonheur des Dames at the Bon Marché, or take A journey through time with the Bormann Circus – these are just some of the sensational experiences to explore in Paris this Christmas 2022.

The Lion King

Mufasa traverse la savane

Simba, Scar, Nala, Timon and Pumba are back to entertain young and old alike in a playful and colourful show, which is already shaping up to be one of the many unmissable events in Paris

The Lion King

Until 31 December 2022

Au bonheur des dames (The Ladies’ Delight)

L'affiche représente l'illustration de la devanture d'un théâtre illuminé, vu de nuit, pour le spectacle immersif Au Bonheur des Dames

More than a play, it is a true 360° immersive experience, freely adapted from Emile Zola's novel, to wander through the heart of the oldest department stores' in the world.

Until 29 April 2023

"How to become a Parisian in one hour" by Olivier Giraud

Olivier Giraud's show full of humour and tenderness "How to become a Parisian in one hour" is to be discovered at the Théâtre des Nouveautés in late 2022. The one-man show is available in three categories: 24€, 31€ or 37€.

"How to become a Parisian in one hour" by Olivier Giraud

Until 13 May 2023

Cirque Bormann : A Journey through time

Le détail affiche montre l'illustration d'un dromadaire, d'un cheval, d'un dinosaure et de statues égyptiennes, accompagnés d'une horloge avec le titre

With its new show, the Bormann circus invites you to a journey through time in its impressive baroque and traditional Big Top at the heart of the 15th arrondissement.

Cirque Bormann : a journey through time

All year round

  • Cirque Bormann - 5 rue Lucien Bossoutrot - Paris 15th
  • Métro : Balard

Giselle Ballet

Vue d'une danseuse classique en tutu blanc effectuant un mouvement de danse un bras étendu devant et une jambe étendue derrière le dos

A magical journey to a Germanic legend with classical dancers gracefully illustrating romantic and bucolic scenes.

From 21 december 2022 to 5 january 2023

42nd Street

Vue de la scène du Théâtre du Châtelet avec une trentaine de comédiens en costume colorés type

300 costumes and a dazzling set for this glamorous behind-the-scenes story of 1930s Broadway

From 7 december 2022 to 15 january 2023

Sara Baras

L'affiche représente la chorégraphe et danseuse Sara Baras sur scène vêtue d'une robe rouge vif dans une pose typique de Flamenco

Famous Spanish dancer and choreographer Sara Baras captivates audiences with her new flamenco show.

Du 26 au 31 décembre 2022

  • Salle Pleyel - 252 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré - Paris 8th
  • Métro : Ternes

2022 Christmas animations in Paris and the Paris Region

Christmas in the castle!

Noël 2021 - Vaux-le-Vicomte - Projection sur la façade avant, Paris

The castles of VersaillesVaux-le-Vicomte, Fontainebleau, Breteuil, the Chantilly estate... offer in their respective parks beautiful decorations and some animations for this Christmas 2022!

Until early January 2023

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Illuminations, Christmas windows in Paris

Animations parvis Hôtel de Ville

As 2022 draws to a close, Paris sparkles with a thousand lights! Take a stroll through the streets of the capital and discover the enchantment of the illuminations and Christmas windows.

Until early January 2023

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Lumières ! at the parc de la Villette

Lumières ! Parc de la Villette, Paris

This festival invites you to discover unusual and spectacular light installations created along the Ourcq Canal and on the Triangle and North and South Circle meadows. From the light Flow, by the group F.

In December 2022

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