Guided tours in Asian languages

A visit in Chinese, in Japanese or in Korean

Paris Greeters -Rue Montorgeuil

Below, the list of tour guides, partners of the Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau, offering guided tours in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.

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Interkultur Paris

Guided tours

Interkultur provides regular, small group tours both to expats and tourists, mainly in the greater Paris area, but also to all......

Greets Paris

Guided tours

Tired of classic tourist circuits and group activities? Make way for originality and authenticity for unforgettable moments!......


Guided tours
  • Opéra - Grands Boulevards

Manatour organizes guided tours of le Palais Garnier as a unique immersive experience, enhanced with musical interludes. During......


Guided tours

Nekovisit offers architectural tours (Art Nouveau), Street Art, national museums (Louvre, Orsay), national monuments (Pantheon,......

Promenade des Sens

Incentive activities | Guided tours
  • Champs-Élysées

Enjoy these gourmet and historical walks around Paris with a series fun and informative tours designed by Marie-Bénédicte Pollet......


Guided tours

TheWaysBeyond creates cultural experiences in Paris and Île-de-France to promote French culture and expertise. Created by two......

Once in my Paris

Guided tours

We organize unique guided tours with exclusive insights into art & Paris to make your stay in Paris delightful. We highly......