10 thrilling things to do in Paris!

Take a helicopter ride, water ski on the Seine, try sky diving ... Enjoy thrills and spills in Paris!

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There is no end of exciting things to do in Paris! Whether it be an up-in-the air adventure, a rollercoaster, extreme sports or even a spine-chilling visit, the city has lots of amazing activities for thrill seekers, and there is something for everyone.

Meet killer clowns

The Dark Dreams Paris - Clowns

If you are a fan of horror or post-apocalyptic films, then head to the Dark Dreams Paris! This haunted house provides interactive and immersive spectacles that give goose bumps to anyone who dares to venture there. Among the serial killers, murderous clowns, and damned souls, make your way through a labyrinth that makes even the most courageous quiver. Will you manage to escape from this place haunted by its inhabitants? 

Thrilling rollercoaster rides

Parc Asterix - Oziris | 630x405 | © OTCP

With their loop-the-loops and stunning speed, big dippers offer some of the biggest thrills. At Parc Astérix, the Goudurix rollercoaster will set your head spinning with its 7 loops, whilst the inverted rollercoaster Oziris propels you along at 90 kilometres per hour, 40 metres off the ground with your feet in a vacuum, in a suspended wagon! At Disneyland Paris, it is the new Star Wars™ Hyperspace Mountain that will delight thrill seekers. This exhilarating rollercoaster ride travels through an intergalactic decor of sound and light for an out-of-this-world adventure. Prepare for take-off!

See Paris by helicopter

Helipass - Paris tour, Paris © OTCP

Paris from the sky offers a wonderful spectacle! Aboard a Helipasshelicopter, admire the city’s finest monuments like never before:  the Eiffel Tower, majestic when it touches the clouds, the Grand Palais and its glass dome, Notre-Dame with its towering belfry. A breathtaking and unusual way to discover Paris.

Water ski on the Seine

Monoski sur la Seine - Club nautique CN19 Glisse  © CN19 Glisse

For thrills and spills, there is nothing like water-skiing and similar water-skimming sports! Close to Paris, several sailing clubs offer activities such as water skiing, mono skiing, wakeboard, and tubing on the Seine. In addition to CN19 Glisse and the Ski Nautique Club de Paris, the Reef Club offers the possibility of having lunch afterwards on a rooftop terrace with a view of the Seine.

For more inspiration, you will find a set of nautical activities in Paris and Île-de-France on the Spotyride platform.

Fly over Paris in an air balloon

Montgolfière, Parc André Citroën, Paris

For an unusual and less intense activity, balloon rides in Paris are a pleasant experience. After a walk along the banks of the Seine and a picnic on the grass at the André Citroen Park, why not take a balloon ride in the Generali air balloon? This Parisian air-quality control station, 150 metres above the ground, is open to the public every day from 9am. A dizzying experience!

Book your tickets for the Generali hot air balloon :

Fly over Paris in a jet suit

Flyview Paris - Experience © Flyview Paris

Discover Paris as seen from above: fly over the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame, the Arc de Triomphe, and the Louvre. Everything is possible with Flyview, the new virtual reality experience. Strap on your jetpack, equipped with a HTC virtual reality headset, and set off for an unbelievable 13 minutes: it really feels like you’re flying over the Parisian rooftops!

Zip down a mega zip-wire

Sherwood Parc tyrolienne © Sherwood Parc

The biggest zip-wire in the Paris region is to be found at Sherwood Parc, some 40 kilometres from Paris. Inspired by the world of  Robin Hood, this theme park offers all kinds of activities related to tree climbing, such as jumping  from the top of a medieval siege tower, climbing  to the tops of trees, and, in particular, hurtling down a 260-metre zip-line in the forest. Excitement guaranteed!

A virtual reality cinema experience

Mk2 VR © Benoît Florençon

Become an eagle, dive amongst sharks, step into the shoes of a baby alien ... all in the same day without leaving the room of the cinema mk2 VR, the first place in Europe to be entirely dedicated to virtual reality. Indulge in a fascinating immersive experience.

 More info on cinema mk2 VR

Experience virtual reality

Illucity La Villette Paris - Parc VR

Virtual reality laser tag, arcade games (short and varied games – guns, musical games, zombies) and escape games can all be played at the VR theme park Illucity. There is a wide variety of experiences to choose from, involving up to 22 players. This is an opportunity to enjoy a totally immersive experience with family, friends or colleagues. It could also be a creative way to celebrate your birthday. Immerse yourself in a virtual universe and fight zombies, travel through time and space, or even in the universe of Mario and Zelda, for a mission in collaboration with your team thanks to Virtual Room.

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