Sustainable habits in Paris

Low-impact transport, green accommodation, responsible shopping: there are plenty of ways to make your holiday more sustainable.

Low-impact transport, green accommodation, slow food, responsible shopping, city tours with locals: tailor your own sustainable holiday in Paris!

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A top tourist destination, Paris is constantly coming up with new ways to preserve the environment and make the city a green tourism destination: non-motorized and/or cleaner transport, eco-friendly accommodation, restaurants that use local produce, organic food markets, responsible shops, green spaces and pedestrian zones.

The Bureau offers plenty of tips to help you put together your own sustainable Paris trip.
Sustainable Tourism in Paris
Green Events in Paris / COP21

Green accommodation

Reduced energy and water use; organic and/or locally-sourced food; a responsible purchasing policy; environmental awareness training for staff, use of non-toxic cleaning products, waste management: all these factors contribute to making tourist accommodation establishments sustainable places to stay. Several hotels have already obtained eco-labels or certification, or signed a sustainable accommodation charter to show clients their commitment to sustainability.

To help you make a sustainable choice of accommodation, the Bureau provides a list of signatories of its Charter for Sustainable Accommodation in Paris, as well as hotels that have obtained a Green Key and/or European Eco-label, and/or Green Globe, EarthCheck and ISO 9001/14001 certification.

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Environmentally-friendly ways of getting around

Opting for non-motorized and less polluting forms of transport for getting around Paris means that you are choosing to reduce your ecological footprint and to take an active part in the preservation of the environment. With its 6 stations, Paris is easily accessible by train, and therefore only, for example, 1 hr 20 from Brussels, 2 hrs 15 from London, 3 hrs from Geneva and 3 hrs 50 from Frankfurt. Once in the city, a comprehensive public transport network enables you to move around quickly and efficiently. If you prefer to travel by car, Parisian taxis and chauffeur-driven vehicles (VTC) offer fleets of hybrid technology vehicles. Do consider using the Vélib ' means of transport, introduced by the city council and already highly-popular with Parisians! And there is nothing better for your carbon footprint than getting around on foot; Paris is a compact city and it is the ideal way to fully enjoy all that the city has to offer in terms of architecture.

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Eating organic and local and seasonal

Eating well is one of life’s pleasures. And eating healthily, with organic, local and seasonal products is even better … for your health, for the planet and for the local economy!
The Bureau helps you in your search by pointing out several good addresses for lunch, dinner or a snack that use good organic or local products made from seasonal fruit and vegetables.

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