The choice in the 17th arrondissement

Big brands, small fashion boutiques: the commercial heart of the west of Paris.

Eric Bompard | 630x405 | © OTCP - Stéphanie Rivoal

The area between Porte Maillot and Parc Monceau is a pleasant place to shop. It has everything: ready-to-wear, shoes, culture, delicatessen shops … Rue de Courcelles is home to Paul & Joe Sister, Loft Design By, Sandro, Maje, Les Petites, and Eric Bompard. Nodus is the place to go for colourful and original shirts.

On rue de la Condamine, Bastien de Almeida has created a concept store offering vintage dresses, bespoke ready to wear, lessons in sewing and model-making. Boulevard Pereire has the first concept store for future mothers. Named Firmaman, the shop offers clothes, accessories, books and gifts for mothers and their new babies. At French Touche, you’ll find second-hand craft objects and accessories.

At Porte Maillot, the shopping mall of the Palais des Congrès has some 80 shops open 7 days a week.

Papa sapiens

Gastronomy (caterers, confectioners, etc.)
7 rue Bayen, Paris, 75017

The products available in this deli arrive straight from the producer, without any intermediary. The As the products here are......

Acide Macaron - Le restaurant à desserts

Gastronomy (caterers, confectioners, etc.)
24 rue des Moines, Paris, 75017

Created in 2009 by two enthusiasts, the star product at the Pâtisserie Acide Macaron is of course the macaroon in its modern......

Raoul Maeder

Gastronomy (caterers, confectioners, etc.)
158 boulevard Berthier, Paris, 75017

Raoul Maeder is artisan baker who has carried on the family tradition passed on from generation to generation, not to mention his......

Au bout du champ

Gastronomy (caterers, confectioners, etc.)
20 rue des Dames, Paris, 75017

This market gardener changes the distribution of fruits and vegetables! All of the products sold are in season, from sustainable......

Scoop me a cookie

Gastronomy (caterers, confectioners, etc.)
72 rue Legendre, Paris, 75017

After its shop in Ménilmotant, Scoop me a cookie has opened a second shop in the district of Batignolles. Originating from the......

We are tiramisu

Gastronomy (caterers, confectioners, etc.)
10 rue Bayen, Paris, 75017

The most famous of Italian desserts is the specialty at We are tiramisu! The first tiramisu bar in the capital is close to the......

Habitat Pure

Art de vivre | Cosmetics, perfume
31 avenue de Wagram, Paris, 75017

Pure Habitat has a world of scents around contemporary furniture and decorative accessories. In the suroundings of Avenue de......

Désordre Urbain

Art de vivre | Souvenirs - toys
96 rue Nollet, Paris, 75017

Fashion accessories, decor, jewellery ... Around fifty designers contribute to this delightful 'disorder'! Refined, floral,......

French touche

Art de vivre | jewellery | Souvenirs - toys
90 rue Legendre, Paris, 75017

A gallery of touching objects is another way to describe this welcoming and poetic boutique. It offers artisan creations such as......

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