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17,000 taxis operate in Paris, day and night. The owner or operator of the taxi holds a licence permitting parking on the public highway while waiting for customers, in order to carry out, at their request and in exchange for payment, the private transport of people and their belongings.
There's a unique phone number for all the taxi firms : +33 (0)1 45 30 30 30

Taxis : guidelines

How do you define a taxi?

It is a specially-equipped vehicle for up to 9 people, including the driver, for which the owner or operator holds a licence permitting parking on the public highway while waiting for customers, in order to carry out, at their request and in exchange for payment, the private transport of people and their belongings.
The special equipment comprises :

  • the illuminated “Taxi Parisien” sign on the roof of the taxi
  • a display meter showing the cost of the journey
  • a display at the rear of the vehicle and visible from the exterior which enables the monitoring of the daily duration of use of the vehicle
  • a plate fixed to the front right-hand wing of the vehicle bearing the licence number

Attention! Anyone claiming to be a taxi driver who does not have a specially-equipped vehicle is illegal.

You can take a taxi :

  • by hailing one in the street (it is free if the sign on the roof is lit up and green)
  • at a taxi rank
  • by calling one of the main taxi firms (click here to see the list of main taxi firms)
  • the unique number for all the firms: +33 (0)1 45 30 30 30

 All the answers to your questions about the taxis in Paris

Taxi fares

Prices as at 18 June 2013.

Tarif A : 1,04 €/km
Applicable within the city limits from 10am to 5pm. The city limits covers Paris as far as the boulevard périphérique (ring road) inclusive.

Tarif B : 1,27 €/km
Applicable within the city limits from 5pm to 10am and on Sundays and public holidays from 7am to midnight. Applicable in the suburban zone from 7am to 7pm, the suburban zone including all Paris territory situated outside the ring road, the other towns and areas mentioned by the ministerial order dated 10 November 1972 and services to and from Orly and Roissy airports and the Villepinte exhibition centre.

Tarif C : 1,54 €/km
Applicable within the city limits from midnight to 7am on Sundays. Applicable in the suburban zone from 7pm to 7am and on Sundays and public holidays (day and night). Applicable beyond the suburban zone at all times.

When the taxi waits for you or runs slowly, the hour tariff applies : - Tariff A : 32 € - Tariff B : 37,63 € - Tariff C : 35,10 €

The standing pick-up charge is 2,60 €.

Minimum journey charge, including supplements, is fixed at 6,86 €.

Additional charges :

  • for each adult passenger from the 4th onwards: 3 €
  • for luggage, only applies from the second piece of luggage (€1) placed in the boot of the vehicle
  • for collection at stations and for the transport of animals are no longer applicable
  • no supplement can be requested from persons with disabilities for a wheelchair and/or the animals accompanying them.

 For more details about taxi fares: Préfecture de Police de Paris

Main taxi firms

Taxis G7
TAXIS G7 is the Europe's leading radio taxi hub and has a fleet of 6,500 affiliated taxis.
 More info

Alpha Taxis
 More info

Taxis Bleus
 More info

Vehicle hire with driver

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Unlike taxis which offer a public service, cars with a driver (VTC) created in 2009 are private companies whose vehicles do not have a taxi sign on the roof nor a metre inside and which can only accept passengers if a booking has been previously been made for them. Services are personalized and a fixed price is decided on in advance.  A variety of vehicles are offered including cars, minivans and limousines.


All addresses to hire a luxury chauffeur-driven car, a coach, a shuttle, a minibus or a minivan with driver : 

Cab Service Prestige

209 rue du Ménil , Asnières-sur-Seine 92600

Cab Service Prestige| 630x405 | © OTCP
Transport avec chauffeur

Chauffeured vehicle hire service: limousine, luxury Sedan, minibus, small coach Private guided bespoke tours of...

Chabé Limousines

91 avenue Jules Quentin , Nanterre - La Défense 92000

Chabé Limousines - Limousine avec chauffeur
Transport avec chauffeur

Chabé Limousines is today the uncontested leader in luxury transport in France. With over 150 premium vehicles,...

Paris Major Limousines International

199 boulevard Malesherbes , Paris 75017

Paris Major Limousines International | 630x405 | © OTCP
Transport avec chauffeur

District : Porte Maillot - Monceau

Metro : Pereire - RER : Pereire - Levallois

Since 1987, 1st Paris Major Limousines has been one of the best specialists in business travel and sightseeing tours...

GSL - Gasnier Service Limousine

4 avenue Laurent Cély , Asnières sur Seine 92600

Gasnier Service Limousine - gsl
Transport avec chauffeur

District : 92 - Hauts-de-Seine

For a tour of Paris, a transfer, hiring a vehicle in the daytime or evening, etc., Gasnier Service Limousine offers...

Biribin Limousines

60 rue de la Plaine , Paris 75020

Biribin Limousines - Voiture avec chauffeur
Transport avec chauffeur

District : Nation

Metro : Buzenval - RER : Nation

Birbin Limousines established in 1968 is today one of the leading companies for chauffeur driven cars. Our...

Massey Compagnie des limousines

46 rue du Simplon , Paris 75018

Massey Limousines - Voitures
Transport avec chauffeur

District : Montmartre - La Chapelle

Metro : Simplon

Massey is specialized in chauffeured vehicle hire in Paris. Massey shines in the world of the luxury (clientele,...

Artventures Paris

NC , Paris 75

Artventures Paris - Place de la Concorde
Transport avec chauffeur

Bespoke tours of Paris and French regions for individuals and small groups in a private vehicle friven by a qualified...

Driver Guide France

9 allée des Eiders , Paris 75019

Driver Guide France | 630x405 | © OTCP
Transport avec chauffeur

Private and tailor-made sightseeing tours in an MPV (2-6 passengers) or a minibus (7-8 passengers) driven by a...

Paris Connection

62 avenue Franklin Roosevelt , Avon 77210

Paris Connection
Transport avec chauffeur

District : Fontainebleau - Barbizon, 77 - Seine-et-Marne

Paris Connection provides minibuses, MPVs and coaches for transfers to and from all the stations in the Paris region...

Planet City

40 avenue Edouard Vaillant , Levallois-Perret 92300

Planet City
Transport avec chauffeur

Our company organizes transfers and tours in Paris, the Paris region and various other French regions. We offer our...