The Berges de Seine in pictures

From the Orsay Museum to Pont de l’Alma: 2.3 km for walking and leisure activities on the Berges de Seine.

Nature, sport and culture: since the summer of 2013, the new Berges de Seine offer free leisure activities and amenities for Parisians and visitors. This left bank river Seine promenade, now a permanent site, runs from below the flight of steps opposite the Orsay Museum to Pont de l’Alma. An amazing setting for truly exceptional walks with views of major Parisian monuments like the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, the Grand Palais and the Alexander III bridge.

Spanning 2.3 kilometres and covering 4.5 hectares, the promenade has sport and leisure activities for children and adults, as well as places to relax; all areas are freely accessible. Sustainable development has also been a major factor in the design of the promenade.

And there’s no need to leave the French capital to enjoy some greenery and unwind! There is plenty of greenery and places to relax on the Berges. The Nikki de Saint Phalle floating gardens made up of five 'islands' with a variety of vegetation provide unique and fun spots to relax and enjoy summer days.

Sporty types can sprint along the 100-metre track or try out one of the 9 sets of gym apparatus. And for kids there is a play area specially designed for them.

The Berges also have other surprises in store: temporary spectacular views of major Parisian monuments (the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Grand Palais, etc.) and numerous cafes and takeaways for delicious snacks.

Fancy a drink at the water's edge? Numerous spots along the riverbanks serve drinks and tapas, like for example the barge Rosa Bonheur sur Seine or Faust. The latter even serves lunch, dinner or brunch (Sunday) in the restaurant sited under the grandiose Alexander III bridge. Places not to be missed in summertime!

Already on the Unesco list of world heritage sites, the Seine quays now boast a new landmark promenade. Everyone is invited - Parisians and tourists, whether with family, friends or even just on their own - to come along and stroll along the Berges, take advantage of the many amenities and then continue their walk … along the right bank!

N.B.:The Berges de Seine pedestrian area is accessible to wheelchair users and has adapted toilets. The place was tested and approved in 2015 by Paris en fauteuil roulant (however some paved areas are less comfortable than areas with tarmac).

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