(Paris UT+2)

Military Parade on the Avenue des Champs-Elysées

The July 14th military parade will be the highpoint of the national holiday ceremonies. The parade will highlight the regiments of the French military, which will parade in the morning.

Theme 2014 : "Centenary of the first world war"

The day's programme (subject to change)

  • 9.10am: the troops, both on foot and on motorcycles will be in place at the Place de l’Etoile / Avenue des Champs-Elysées.
  • 9.20am: inspection of the troops by the general officers commanding the parade on foot and the motorcade.
  • 9.45am: honorary detachments of the Republican Guard take their places at Place de l'Etoile and Place de la Concorde.
  • 10am: arrival of the President of the French Republic at Avenue de Friedland. Welcome by General Pierre de Villiers, Chief of Defence Staff, and General Hervé Charpentier, the Military Governor of Paris. Review of troops.
  • 10.15am: tribute paid to the President of the French Republic by the 1st infantry regiment of the Republican Guard at Place de la Concorde. Welcome by  the prime minister, M. Manuel Valls, the Minister of Defence, M. Jean-Yves Le Drian, secretary of state for veterans affairs, M. Kader Arif and Général Benoît Puga.
  • 10.20am: opening event.
  • 10.35am: opening fly-past led by Air Marshal Thierry Caspar-Fille-Lambie, of the Air Defence and Air Operations Command.
  • 10.45am: parade of troops on foot led by Brigadier Henry Bazin, second-in-command to the Military Governor of Paris.
  • 11.25am: Motorized troops led by General Marcel Druart, in command of task force n°1 from Besançon and parade of mounted troops, 
  • 11.45am: closing event.
  • 12 noon: Departure of the President of the French Republic.

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